MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle: Conservative Media Is Lying to My Parents About Terrorists


MSNBC Live anchor Stephanie Ruhle on Tuesday was covering a new interview of Vice President Mike Pence by NBC White House correspondent Hallie Jackson, and expressed dismay that her parents are being “lied to” by conservatives in media and government about the border.

Jackson interviewed the VP on the topic of the border, and asked him about the facts of the terror threat from the south, including how it stacks against the terror threat from other methods of entry, and the actual number of incidences of apprehension. It’s a number that has been a point of dispute over the last several days and is a key part of the potential rationale for declaring a national emergency in order to secure wall funding. Host Ruhle said that the discrepancy between what the administration claims and the actual reportable numbers is the perfect example of how people like her parents are being deceived.

Turning to NBC National Security and Justice reporter Julia Ainsley, who conducted a fact-check on the claims, Ruhle addressed the issue.

“Conservative Americas like my mom and dad, who watch conservative media outlets, are being lied to by journalists, by the White House, when they’re told things like four thousand terrorists are pouring in,” she said, and played a clip of Pence’s interview in which he cited the statistic, as well as a separate data point about “special interest aliens” coming through.

Ruhle called it “champion word-smithing” and asked Ainsley about “fear-mongering” coming from the White House. Ainsley then went through the numbers, and mentioned that they fact-checked the 4,000 claim when it was made by press secretary Sarah Sanders “last week.”

On Sunday, Sanders cited that statistic to Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace, who grilled her on the topic and corrected the numbers. Certainly one might think that Fox News would fall under Ruhle’s definition of “conservative media”, and he was fact-checking the claim and drawing the same conclusion that Ainsley drew.

The remainder of the clip covers the data on the “special interest aliens” and Julia Ainsley’s research on the subject. Watch above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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