MSNBC’s Touré Hasn’t Tweeted in Exactly One Year


Here’s a flashback for you all: Exactly one year ago, MSNBC’s Touré bowed out from Twitter after starting a shitstorm for his thoughts on white privilege and Holocaust survival.

For those who don’t remember the full story: The Cycle co-host tweeted out praise for Ta-Nehisi Coates‘ widely-read Atlantic column making the case for reparations. When one Twitter user confronted the MSNBC host with a series of tweets arguing against reparations and the concept of “white privilege,” this happened:

The resulting outrage was strong and lasted a while. He finally apologized (to lackluster reviews, natch) four days later:

And how did Touré decide to make sure it never happened again?

The MSNBC host seems to have heeded the popular warning: “Never tweet.” And, hey, his stress level is probably better for it.

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