Nick Viall is Back in Bachelor Nation for the Fourth Time, and as Expected, There’s Lots to Discuss


the-bachelor-nick-1-e1483458963184-650x427As I always say, if at first you don’t succeed, go on The Bachelor three more times. Last night was the much-hyped premiere of Nick Viall‘s fourth attempt at love within the franchise. If you’ve watched the show in the past, people are very opinionated about him- he’s not quite what you’d call a fan favorite. If not, no matter, because they reintroduce him and his family, and Nick tells us that he’s “gonna give America a happy ending.” Yep.

Then Nick gets some advice, from former Bachelor contestants Ben Higgins, Chris Soules, and Sean Lowe which was…curious. For a multitude of reasons. Nick knows the show better than all of them at this point, probably including Chris. Also, The Bachelor isn’t known for fostering the most successful relationships. The Internet agreed:

The entrances and descriptions of the women have gotten more outrageous, obviously. They’ve also stopped making sense. Alexis, whose description is “aspiring dolphin trainer” came out of the limo in a costume that looks curiously like Left Shark’s.

A woman named Lacey made her entrance on a camel, because she heard he “likes a good hump.” So…there was that. Additional important entrances were made by Jasmine, who showed up with Neil Lane to show Nick her ideal engagement ring, which is always a good way to introduce yourself to someone you’ve never met. Last but not least is Liz. Liz and Nick actually already know each other- they’ve slept together. Their interaction was…awkward. When Liz got out of the car, she didn’t mention they knew each other. So then he didn’t say anything, but you could tell he knew her. Then, Liz called him out for not knowing who she was, so Nick called her out for not pursuing him off camera. The Internet went wild and the whole did he or didn’t he recognize her thing may never be solved.

Rachel Lindsay got the first impression rose, making her the early front runner. She’s also the first African American woman to receive the first impression rose, and people were excited.

During the rose ceremony he sent home: Olivia, Angela, Lauren, Briana, Ida Marie, Jasmine B., Michelle and Susannah…we hardly knew ye.

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