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North Korean Television Airs Video Of Kim Jong-Il’s Body

If there’s one thing you can say about Kim Jong-il (and chances are there’s gonna be; his life seemed particularly thing sayable), it’s that his death was much better than those of most dictators and enemies of America that have been dropping like flies lately. That’s why his body is currently resting in a gorgeous glass coffin and not being dragged through the streets or tossed into the ocean by a group of American soldiers. Recently, North Korean television aired footage of Jong-il’s body.

They’re some fairly static images but, from what I’ve gathered, it’s still more interesting than most North Korean television.

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Still, despite Jong-il dying at a fairly young age, you know Muammar Gaddafi would kill for an exit like this.

Then again, for guys like these, killing was never that weird an occurrence. More like a Tuesday. So maybe I should have said Muammar Gaddafi would have treated his people like human beings for an exit like this!

Watch the clip, hosted over here by the Associated Press, below:


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