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NYC Doctor Warns Fox & Friends His Hospital Is Not Seeing Ventilators: ‘We Are Drowning Here in Brooklyn’

Fox & Friends interviewed Dr. Stuart Ditchek on Monday, who sounded an alarm that his New York City hospital has yet to see any of the medical supplies supposedly being brought in from other states.

Ditchek, who works for the Maimonides Medical Center, said there’s “no debate” that the New York City area needs more ventilators, and while he couldn’t say how many have been sent in from out of state, “we do not have enough” on hand. As he spoke about the distribution bureaucracy for the ventilator stockpile, Ditchek emphasized that “it’s not working” and “we are not seeing these distributed ventilators in large numbers.”

“We are not seeing this distribution we keep hearing about and we are drowning here in Brooklyn,” Ditchek summed up.

The interview continued with Ditchek bemoaning the lack of on-the-ground support to aid the distribution of ventilators. He also reminded his hosts that such equipment does not guarantee the survival of Covid-19 patient, plus he argued that the most recent death numbers are most likely short since the pandemic continues to overwhelm the health care system.

After Ditchek argued that more needs to be done with the hospitals set up at the Javits Center and the U.S.N.C Comfort, he concluded by urging President Donald Trump to sign an executive order to increase the shipment of high-priority medicine to New York.

“It’s like the president’s got to bring it himself!” Brian Kilmeade said at the end of the segment.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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