OAN Delivers Bonkers Report of Giuliani Trip, Featuring a Midnight Escape From Ukrainian Military and… George Soros?


Rudy Giuliani’s trip to Ukraine with far-right network OAN has been shrouded in much secrecy (for a time, Giuliani wouldn’t even confirm he was in Ukraine). But one OAN representative who was on the trip is now sharing some details. And the claims are just utterly bonkers.

In a report delivered from Washington, OAN’s Chanel Rion recounted the trip — which began in Budapest. There, Giuliani and Rion met with Yuriy Lutsenko — the former top Ukrainian prosecutor who has been accused of targeting U.S. ambassador Maria Yovanovitch in a smear campaign designed to oust her. Rion claimed that Lutsenko provided them with “official communiques” establishing that Yovanovitch perjured herself, but offered no details beyond that.

From there, Giuliani, Rion, and crew jetted off to Ukraine — and this is where it gets really loony. Among the interviewees in Ukraine was Viktor Shokin, the former top Ukrainian prosecutor who claims the U.S. threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid unless he stopped investigating Hunter Biden (a claim which has no evidence). Giuliani and team OAN also spoke with Ukrainian parliament member Andriy Derkach — whom, OAN’s Rion said, showed them documents “contradicting the lemming media’s claim” that Joe Biden and Hunter have not committed crimes.

And when details of Giuliani’s cloak and dagger trip became public, Rion claims 1,000 Ukrainian troops suddenly began patrolling Kyiv. She further said their security detail told them they needed to leave Ukraine, as reporters got closer to determining their exact whereabouts.

Here’s Rion’s account of their late-night getaway, somehow featuring the far right’s favorite bogeyman, George Soros:

“We chartered a midnight jet to Vienna and sped to the airport. We came upon an entourage of Black Mercedes aligned along the terminal. Our security ushered us immediately away from the vehicles. And we were told Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk was seen entering one of these vehicles. Two other eyewitnesses claim to have spotted George Soros, but we have not confirmed this. The reasons for their being at the airport as we were departing have not been determined. We believe at this time it was a coincidence.

Christopher Miller, a reporter who has covered Ukraine for BuzzFeed, Politico, and other outlets, thoroughly disputed the details of Rion’s account:

Watch above, via OAN. H/T Marcus Baram.

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