Outnumbered Pans Trump’s Tariff Wars: We Would’ve Called This ‘Communistic’ Under Obama


Things got heated on Outnumbered today when the Fox News panel held a conversation about the long-term connotations of President Donald Trump‘s impact on the economy.

Today’s job report states that country added 213,000 jobs last month, and the unemployment rate was slightly bumped up to 4.0 percent. As Dagen McDowell touted the current state of the economy, she also noted that things are about to heat up since America is getting closer to full-blown trade wars with China, Europe, Canada and Mexico.

David Webb, today’s #OneLuckyGuy, assessed that America’s allies don’t want to work together on trade. Kennedy then jumped in to say that a trade war with China won’t resolve their intellectual property theft — plus, Trump supporters might see some “unintended consequences” as a result of these trade disputes. This led to a spirited discussion about the national economic growth, during which, Melissa Francis said tariffs are “terrible” but it will all be worth it if Trump wins the upcoming trade war.

McDowell eventually got back into the mix by saying that Trump Administration hasn’t laid out a clear strategy to handle retaliatory tariffs, and at one point, she said “If President Obama had pulled what we’ve seen in the last six months, we would be shouting to the high heavens, blowing the roof off of this building, about Obama killing the American farmer.”

Kennedy joined in, saying people “absolutely” would’ve decried such an event as “isolationist” and “communistic.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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