Parkland Survivor: Arming Teachers is a ‘Plot for the NRA’


Parkland survivor Adam Alhanti reacted to President Donald Trump‘s speech at the NRA Convention promoting more guns in school by suggesting that the NRA was concocting a plot that had nothing to do with keeping kids safe.

Speaking on MSNBC on Saturday, Alhanti first called Trump’s statement that guns would make schools safer “an absolute crazy assumption.”

“I know plenty of teachers who really think that there are many of things that we can do to protect our schools rather than putting more guns into them,” he continued on.

The Parkland student then suggested that the NRA and pro-gun politicians have something other than gun safety in mind with their push to arm teachers.

“It is honestly, I think a plot for the NRA to just sell more guns,” the student turned activist said. “We are not helping our teachers and students. We are really just putting more fear into them by making the schools like prisons.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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