Perino Flips Out on Bolling for Defending Trump: You’re Just Trying to Get On His Show!


Fox News’ Dana Perino absolutely flipped out on her co-host Eric Bolling today, calling out how much he’s been defending Donald Trump and even questioning his ethics.

On today’s The Five, Bolling made the case for taking Trump seriously because of what he brings to the table. Perino argued that Trump’s a clown who makes such ridiculous pronouncements that he’s almost begging to be not taken seriously.

And then she invoked this Twitter exchange, following Bolling wishing his “friend” Trump luck on his campaign:

And boy did that set Perino off. She said “covering up for him is actually wrong” and came very close to outright questioning Bolling’s ethics. Bolling was a little incredulous and shot back that he can’t be on Celebrity Apprentice because he’s a Fox host.

Perino still questioned why he tweeted that in the first place. Bolling defended his ethics and talked about how he’s been on The Five since day one. An exasperated Perino snapped, “Oh, guess what? So was I!”

This isn’t the first time Perino’s snapped at Bolling on the air, and when Perino was on The Daily Show in April and Stewart teased her about Bolling being “the dumb guy,” Perino didn’t exactly leap to his defense.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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