Phil Mudd on Speculation McCabe Leaked Rosenstein Scoop to NY Times: ‘I Don’t Think Andy Leaked This’


CNN analyst and former CIA official Phil Mudd doesn’t think that fired deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe is the one that leaked the Rod Rosenstein story to the New York Times. 

“So if we believe this conversation [about Rosenstein talking about secretly taping Trump] happened, as you and I do, who do you think might have been motivated to leak this information to The New York Times?” CNN host S.E. Cupp asked.  “That’s sort of the nuts of what are being speculated about right now.”

Mudd replied there are certain people who leak but he doesn’t think McCabe is the guy.

“People who leak have a reason for doing so. They don’t like what somebody is doing, or they don’t like the fact that their ego hasn’t been massaged. In my judgment, this is one of the categories but my guess, somebody who doesn’t like what they saw out of Rosenstein, they declined to say the fact he was laughing when he said it and going to smear him,” Mudd said. “I suspect whoever said it has an ax to grind.”

Then he said this referring to McCabe: “I don’t think Andy leaked this. I know Andy personally, so let me confess that up front. He was a serious dude. He is smart as you want to get.”

Mudd then added that he wouldn’t doubt the comment was in a document McCabe wrote.

“I wouldn’t rule out it would be in a document he wrote from a conversation,” Mudd further explained. “In other words, when you walk out of a meeting and if you’re an FBI officer, you might record the contents of that meeting — that’s called a 302. If you are just having a conversation, you might also record verbatim what happened. Verbatim it might have said that Rosenstein raised that in a meeting. It might not say what the context was and context here is about 80% of the story.”

McCabe’s lawyers have also issued a statement saying McCabe drafted such memos but has no knowledge of how the media obtained the memos.

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