Psaki Asked if John Lewis Voting Rights Act is ‘Red Line’ for Biden on Filibuster Reform, Says POTUS ‘Hopeful’ GOP Will Support


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked where President Joe Biden stands on the filibuster if Republicans keep blocking the U.S. Voting Rights Act in Congress.

As Psaki held her Wednesday press briefing, the Washington Post’s Sean Sullivan asked a question on behalf of several colleagues, including Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher.

Noting that Psaki spoke recently about Biden’s reluctance to changing the filibuster rules, as well as expected Republican opposition to the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, Sullivan asked “if Republicans do not support that and it does move forward in the Senate, is that a red line that would prompt him to consider filibuster reform?”

“The president’s preference is not to make changes to the filibuster rules,” Psaki answered. “He believes that voting rights and access to voting, ensuring it’s easier for the American people is enough of a huge priority and should be for everyone. That is why he signed some executive orders, used the power of the presidency to do that this weekend, and he is hopeful Democrats and Republicans can work together to get that done.”

In recent weeks, numerous questions have been raised about whether Biden and Democrats will try to amend the legislative filibuster rules in order to stop Senate Republicans from derailing their objectives in Congress. As Biden ran for president in 2020, he hinted that he would consider the idea, saying “that’s what we’ll do” if Republicans give him no other option.

Watch above, via The White House.

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