Jen Psaki

Ex-WH Comms Director on Trump’s ‘Cheatin’ Obama’ Tweet: ‘Might Be Racial Undertones There’

CNN Panel Slams Hillary Clinton for ‘Backwards’ Comments: Don’t ‘Criticize the Voters’

CNN Panel Rips Trump Over Fight With Gillibrand: He Has ‘Misogyny in His DNA’

Jen Psaki: ‘We Don’t Really Know’ That Clinton Would Have Won Before Comey Letter

Jen Psaki: Democrats Need to Accept There Were ‘Other Failings’ Besides Russia, Comey for Hillary’s Loss

Obama WH Comms Director Psaki on Spicer: ‘It’s a Really Tough Job, Everybody Screws Up’

WH Reportedly Ramping Up Search for Comms Director to ‘Lighten the Load’ for Spicer

Your Inside Peek At CNN’s Documentary About Obama’s Final Days in Office, The End

Jen Psaki: Obama Won’t Be ‘Involved in the Media Business’ Post-Presidency

Tapper Confronts Jen Psaki: Is It a Failure of Obama’s That White Working Class Turned to Trump?

Obama’s Message to Americans: You Can’t Handle the Truth

CNN’s Blitzer Grills White House Spox on Deceiving Reporters: ‘That Was a Lie, Right?’

Jake Tapper: Journalists Need to Drop ‘Personal Bias,’ Call Out State Dept. ‘Censorship’

Former State Dept Spox Offers Suspiciously Specific Denial About Video Edit

State Dept Spox Personally Thanks Fox News For Uncovering Briefing Video Deletion

State Department Admits They Deleted Damaging Admission From Briefing Video

State Department Blames Deletion of Damaging Video on a ‘Glitch’

State Department Appears to Edit Briefing Video to Remove Admission of Falsehood

Psaki: Obama Won’t Mention Navy Boats in SOTU, Will ‘Absolutely’ Still Tout Iran Deal

WH Spox Jen Psaki Won’t Say Whether Obama Thinks ISIS is ‘Existential Threat’

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