Reddit Moderator Fired After ‘Trainwreck’ Interview with Jesse Watters


A moderator of the popular “antiwork” subreddit was fired on Thursday after being interviewed by Jesse Watters on Fox News Tuesday.

Watters welcomed Doreen Ford, the moderator of the r/Antiwork subreddit, for a “trainwreck interview.”

In a scenario that is all too common, a person with little experience in front of cameras was wholly unprepared for the interview, which was perhaps the reason for the invitation.

On Jesse Watters Primetime, the activist told the Fox News host what the antiwork movement is. Ford also explained how Ford makes money walking dogs 20 to 25 hours a week.

Throughout the tough-to-watch interview, Watters appeared to react to Ford and the movement with barely concealed contempt.

After the interview, the subreddit went private as its 1.6 million subscribers apparently formulated a damage control strategy in response to the viral Ford spot. That strategy was announced on air Thursday by Watters himself: Ford was let go.

Watters told his audience, “A lot of you goys have been texting me about the 30-year-old dog walker I interviewed on Tuesday. Remember this?”

He then aired a portion of the segment, and informed his audience that Ford had been removed as a moderator of r/Antiwork.

Well, the anti-work movement, not happy about that interview, so they fired Doreen Ford, saying, “We can’t afford to have our opportunities to spread our message. We need somebody who is prepared to deliver convincing talking points come eloquently to a hostile audience… Someone who is trained, passionate, and has plenty of energy.”

Watters, in a less than sympathetic tone, explained that he is “sorry” to have seen Ford let go as moderator.

“I guess maybe she now has more time on her hands,” he concluded. “It’s what she wanted.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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