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Rep. Allen West Sang ‘Pretty Woman’ With A Full Band This Weekend

In this latest installment of “political figure of your choice performs a pop/rock song for no clear reason,” Rep. Allen West— he who wants the President to “get the hell out of the United States,” he who deemed Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultznot a lady,” the most Spartan member of the Republican Freshman class– has a sweet ditty he wants to share with the attendees of his birthday party. Warning anyone with camera that he’d make them do push-ups if they recorded what was about to transpire, a video captured by Florida political blog The Shark Tank shows the Congressman breaking into a cover of “Pretty Woman.”

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According to Politico, this performance occurred before a small audience at the Congressman’s 51st birthday party. Since the video is out there, one can expect the threat against taping it was a joke, thankfully, which means we get to partake in the performance. In the canon of political music videos, Rep. West’s performance, given that it wasn’t even technically public, wasn’t that bad– certainly better than Mitt Romney‘s America the Beautiful— but it’s no Rod Blagojevich does Elvis with Fabio, and certainly nowhere near the impressive quality of “Imagine All the Pizza.”

The performance below:

[h/t Dave Weigel]

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