Rep. Nunes On Russia Probe: ‘Biggest Culprit’ Has Been Media’s Nonstop Reporting on This Phony Issue


Speaking on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) heavily criticized the Department of Justice and the FBI for their role in the Russia investigation. But he said the “biggest culprit” has been the mainstream media’s “nonstop reporting on this phony issue.”

Nunes said the FBI and DOJ are running amok and wasting taxpayers money.

“That anyone over FBI or  DOJ would think it is okay, to run one informant, 20 informants, whatever number into a political campaign, under a counterintelligence investigation is out of their mind,” he said. “And it’s DOJ run amok. Anyone who thinks they can pay they can take U.S. taxpayer dollars, and pay people, in the campaign, in order to get information that is DOJ and FBI run amok.”

Saying Congress and the American people should not tolerate this type of behavior, he then turned his attention to the news.

“But in all of this, the biggest culprit has been mainstream media,” he said. “The mainstream media nonstop reporting on phony issue taking garbage in on from it the beginning. Let’s not forget there were many people in the media who were involved in this, from the very beginning, they were working directly with the Clinton Fusion GPS, the Clinton campaign arm dirty ops arm of Clinton campaign, many people in media were working directly with them. They have known for a long time that that dossier existed and there is no one, no one of the major media organizations would go with the dossier information because it was so — salacious.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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