RNC’s Ronna McDaniel: GOP Halting Twitter Ad Spending Until They Address Anti-Conservative Bias


RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said the GOP has pulled all funding from Twitter until the platform addresses its “anti-conservative biases,” and threatened to leave the outlet if it did not.

Fox’s Maria Bartiromo asked McDaniel if Twitter “really cares” whether Republicans spend any money, and if it’s enough to make a difference. “I think Twitter does care because there’s one person that has revived Twitter and made Twitter a household name and that’s President Donald J. Trump and for them to arbitrarily apply different standard to conservatives… they need to come forward with how they are going the apply the standards and are they going the apply them equally the Democrats and Republicans,” said McDaniel.

McDaniel said the ad funding was a “significant amount.” Bartiromo said that the National Republican Senatorial Committee said it will not spend any money on Twitter until its concerns are addressed as well.

McDaniel said Twitter allowed the hashtag #MassacreMitch to continue but did not allow McConnell to post a video of a protest outside of his house.

McConnell’s campaign account was locked and Twitter would not allow access until a video they said violated their rules was deleted. The video was footage of a protest outside of McConnell’s home to shout threats and innuendo,  taunting him and his family, with suggestions of violence.

“If they want to send a message that we don’t want conservatives and we will be a monolithic platform were one voice for our Progressive ideals, I don’t think those platforms are going to exist,” said McDaniel. She added that she and other conservatives would leave the platform if “shadow banning” against them did not stop.

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