Roger Stone Calls the Mueller Probe ‘Orwellian’: ‘I’m Being Persecuted’ For Supporting Trump


Trump ally Roger Stone appeared on Fox News on Friday and weighed in on the recent jailing of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Stone theorized that the real reason why Manafort is sitting in a jail cell is that the feds want to force him to plead guilty and avoid going to trial and suspected that he was the subject of an “illegal, unconstitutional” FISA warrant. Stone told Tucker Carlson that he had submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to “get to the bottom” about his own reported surveillance.

“It’s become abundantly clear that having come up empty-handed of any evidence of Russian collusion, having no proof of any hijinks with WikiLeaks because I’ve received nothing from them and passed nothing on, it’s now abundantly clear that the special council seeks to go through every aspect of my personal, business, and political life trying to conjuror up some offense to pressure me to testify against the president,” Stone said. “It’s Orwellian. It’s the police state. I am being persecuted because I supported Donald Trump.”

Stone accused the Obama administration of using FISA warrants for “political purposes” and that it’s a scandal that “makes Watergate look like a second-rate burglary.”

“Associates of mine, as many as twelve of them, have been subpoenaed, have been questioned aggressively by the FBI. Some of them are fighting those subpoenas,” Stone continued. “It’s unclear what the government wants other than to find somebody who will bear false witness against Roger stone. It’s a witch hunt and it’s a really expensive witch hunt. This is costing me hundreds of thousands of dollars on top of the lawsuits filed against me by the Democrat National Committee and some Obama-affiliated groups.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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