Scarborough Blasts Dem’s Weak Messaging: Republicans ‘Knock People’s Heads Off Their Shoulders’


Joe Scarborough is no longer a member of the Republican party, but he still claims status as a proud conservative.

But anyone watching his passionate frustration with the Democratic party on Morning Joe today might think he’s tipped fully to the blue side of the aisle. Though it’s better analysis that the avowed sports fan is just tired of watching a blow-out and his cheering for a closer game.

After airing clips of President Donald Trump deriding Democrats during a political rally last night in the most simplistic and banal ways, Scarborough exasperated of the Dems  “they’re just depressed right now.”

He then seemed to channel the head football coach at his favorite college football team, Alabama’s Nick Saban, and went off on what he saw as weak and soft Democratic party leaders in comparison to their tougher Republican counterparts.

“I’m sitting there going, you know, as a former Republican, when we lose, we get really angry and knock people’s heads off their shoulders,” adding about the GOP political strategy “They did something wrong to us. We’re going to go after them. We’re going to knock their heads clear off their shoulders.”

He then noted past Democratic heroes like Bobby Kennedy and Mario Cuomo, who fought back harder on attacks before rhetorically asking: “who is the Democrat, that’s a strong, tough liberal or the strong, tough moderate or the strong, tough conservative Democrat that’s going to lead this fight?”

He finished by offering some unsolicited advice for responding to Trump’s labeling of the Democrats as “angry mob” saying:

“We’re not an angry mob. We’re angry moms. We’re angry moms because you want to take away our children’s health care. We’re angry moms because you want to gut our can children’s education. You all are talking about ripping money out of our children’s classrooms. You want to get Social Security. We’re angry moms because we have to take care of our kids. We also have to take care of our moms in nursing homes. You’re slashing Medicaid. That’s throwing old people, that’s throwing our moms and our dads and our grandmoms and our granddads out in the street.”

In case there was any confusion his true political position, he reminded his panel “I’m just saying this as a Republican” before making one last diss of his ostensible political rivals, asking “why do Democrats make everything so hard?

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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