Scarborough: GOP’s ‘Colossally Stupid’ Impeachment Strategy Has 7 out of 10 Americans Believing Trump Did Wrong


Joe Scarborough hit his former Republican party on Wednesday morning for what he feels is a “colossally stupid” strategy that has led to seven out of 10 Americans believing that President Donald Trump did something wrong.

The searing commentary isn’t terribly new for Scarborough and Morning Joe, but comes in stark relief after another day of fascinating testimony in the House Intel-led impeachment inquiry hearings. The partisan gamesmanship that has come immediately after — in claiming a victorious narrative from the Congressional proceedings — has been almost as fascinating to follow.

Republicans have followed the lead of President Trump, who claimed that the multiple testimonies Tuesday represented “a great day for Republicans, a great day for our Country” as he Tweeted Tuesday evening. Democratic officials, and the cable news outlets that have interviewed them have instead mostly amplified the material revelations of Tuesday’s proceedings.

How has this played out? Well, in the eyes of the Morning Joe host, not well for the Republicans.

“Every Republican knows that Donald Trump was asking for dirt on Joe Biden in exchange for releasing the military funds,” Scarborough said, adding “they should have and there have been Trump apologists for weeks saying just get to the end. Everybody knows he did this. Just get to the end and say the president did it, so what? The president did it”

Scarborough then noted that in his mind, Republicans are “allowing Democrats to slowly pull their strong men apart piece by piece day by day, week by week, and as they do the president’s numbers fall and the people who think the president of the United States is lying about this and did something wrong keeps going up so now we’re at seven out of ten Americans because of this — I mean, you’ve just got to watch this every day and watch it and go why are the Republicans so stupid to just not jump to where we’re going to go at the end?”

Scarborough is most likely referencing a recent ABC/Ipsos poll that shows 70% of Americans believing that Trump’s actions with Ukraine — specifically, his alleged withholding of congressionally approved military aid in exchange for an investigation into Joe Biden — are wrong.

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