Scarborough Hits Biden Critics: ‘Easy for You To Sit There’ and Judge While He Was Trying to Make U.S. Better


Joe Biden has no patience for progressive Democrats who are nitpicking Joe Biden‘s record and saying he’s not liberal enough to be their nominee for the 2020 election.

Morning Joe held a discussion on Friday about Biden’s attempt to apologize to Anita Hill, and that led to a broader discussion of his support for the 1994 crime bill, his Iraq war vote, and other controversial elements of his political history. Scarborough repeatedly defended Biden by saying the ex-Veep was operating in the sociopolitical “context” of the time, and eventually, he said Biden needs to stand up and tell critics that at least he was trying to make the country better.

“He also has to say ‘hey, listen, I was there, you weren’t,'” Scarborough said. “‘What did you want me to do? I had to do something.’ It’s so easy for you to sit there behind your laptop, drinking your soy latte in 2019, judging me for trying to make the country better.”

The panel continued to discuss the positives and negatives of Biden’s extensive record, though Scarborough repeatedly returned to his argument that Biden has already lost 2020 if he keeps being forced to apologize over his past. Mika Brzezinski wondered if most American voters would align with the criticisms from left-wing “blue checkmarks,” and she called the controversies over Biden’s physical interactions with women “ridiculous.”

Scarborough concluded the conversation by noting how Biden pushed Barack Obama in a progressive direction on matters like gay marriage, and has other strong showings to his name that the “latte liberators” shouldn’t discard so quickly.

“You’re not allowed to just pick his strikeouts, you’ve got to talk about the doubles and home-runs,” Scarborough said. “He did a lot more good than he did bad.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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