Sean Hannity’s Reaction to Fox News Confirming the NYT Mueller Report is Absolutely Priceless


After the New York Times dropped a bombshell story on Thursday night that President Donald Trump once tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Sean Hannity declared he was unconvinced by the reporting.

When addressing the report on his Fox News show, Hannity claimed that the story was a plot to distract people from the more important story of the day, corruption at the FBI.

“At this hour, the New York Times is trying to distract you,” Hannity said. “They have a story that Trump wanted Mueller fired some time last June and our sources — and I’ve checked in with many of them — they’ve not confirmed that tonight.”

He ended the segment by asking: “How many times has the New York Times and others gotten it wrong?”

Well, in a beautifully choreographed egg-meet-face maneuver, Hannity was forced to accept the Times story minutes later on his show, after Fox News’s own reporting confirmed it.

“So we have sources tonight just confirming to Ed Henry that yeah, maybe, Donald Trump wanted to fire the special counsel for a conflict,” Hannity said. “Does he not have the right to raise those questions?”

“We’ll deal with this tomorrow night,” Hannity noted, adding that he had a video of a high-speed car crash to get to.

Watch the glorious flip-flop above, in all its beauty, over and over again, courtesy of HuffPost’s Matt Fuller.

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