Amy Klobuchar Blasts Jussie Smollett Prosecutors For Dropping Charges: ‘It Makes No Sense’


Presidential candidate and Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) was asked on what she thought about Cook County prosecutors dropping the charges against actor Jussie Smollett after he allegedly staged a hate crime against himself.

Klobuchar, who used to be a prosecutor, said their decision and inability to explain why they did made no sense.

“I don’t understand why the prosecutors could not explain why they did what they did. I don’t think anything prevents them, they brought these charges,” Klobuchar said. “It’s a major public in which major resources were expended.”

“It makes no sense to me,” she continued, adding she agrees with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel assertion the justice system failed to follow through and was an abomination.

“You have an obligation, when you represent the public, to explain what you’re doing. They made a decision to bring those charges and they made a decision to make those charges public, then they need to describe why they decided to go the other way. They didn’t do that,” she said.

Prosecutors admitted while they are no longer charging Smollett, they believe he staged the fake hate crime.

Watch above, via ABC News.

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