Seth Meyers Hits Al Franken Over Latest Allegations: ‘You Can’t Do That To Your Wife!’


On Thursday night, Seth Meyers addressed the recent allegations and the announced resignation of Sen. Al Franken (D-MN).

The Late Night host mocked the Democrat when he was asked after the first wave of allegations during an interview if there were more allegations to come, Franken said “I certainly hope not.”

“That’s not an answer that inspires a lot of confidence,” Meyers reacted. “It’s like if a cop asked you, ‘If I search your car, am I going to find weed?’ and you’re like ‘I certainly hope not… also, do you have any Doritos?'”

Meyers then noted Franken’s latest accuser who alleges that he put his hand on her waist, grabbed a handful of flesh, and squeezed at least twice.

“Not only could you not do that to a woman you barely know, you can’t do that to your wife!” Meyers said. “Unless you’re in the mood to pick up all your clothes from the front lawn.”

He slammed White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway for “cynically exploiting” the Franken scandal for political gain, specifically when she tweeted the following:

“You work for a guy who’s been accused by more than twelve women of sexual harassment and assault!” Meyers shot back. “Kellyanne Conway has so little self-awareness, when she walks by a mirror, she thinks there’s a stranger in the house.”

Meyers also ripped Conway for attempting to “play both sides” on GOP Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of child molestation.

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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