SNL Depicts The Uncomfortable Conversation About Aziz Ansari in This Hilarious Sketch


The #MeToo movement has sparked quite the discussion in this country, but none of the allegations made against these high-profile figures have been as divisive as the ones that were made against Aziz Ansari.

Saturday Night Live tackled the Aziz Ansari story head-on in a sketch that took place during a couple’s night out.

The dinner was running smoothly… until someone brought him up.

“Did any of you read that op-ed piece about-” Heidi Gardner began.

“Honey, no,” her husband Beck Bennett interrupted.

“What article are you talking about?” Aidy Bryant asked across the table.

“The one about… Aziz Ansari?” Gardner responded.

His name cued a dark ambiance, dramatic music, and scared-to-death expressions from everyone at the table.

“I’ll go first,” Kate McKinnon spoke nervously. “I think-”

“Careful,” Will Ferrell warned her.

“I think that some women… or rather some men… have a proclivity…” McKinnon struggled. “Help me!”

Kenan Thompson chimed in, saying that while he applauded the movement that “maybe we’re setting it back.”

“God, careful,” McKinnon uttered.

“Look, the thing that I keep going back to is…” Bennett said. “it seems like if she wanted to leave…”

“Oh, no!” Ferrell exclaimed.

“She could have just… left,” Bennett finished his thought.

That caused utter chaos at the table, including Ferrell slamming his face into his plate of food, Bryant cutting her hair, and Thompson stabbing his own hand with a steak knife.

And things only got worse for these couples when Thompson invoked race.

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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