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SNL Ridicules Betsy DeVos’ 60 Minutes Trainwreck: Behind the Scenes I Am ‘Much Worse’

SNL Depicts The Uncomfortable Conversation About Aziz Ansari in This Hilarious Sketch

Justice Ginsburg: I’d Like to Use SNL’s ‘Gins-Burn’ Motto Against Supreme Court Colleagues

The Hilarious Trailer for Scarlett Johansson and Kate McKinnon’s Rough Night is Here And You Need to Watch It

Hillary Clinton and SNL‘s Kate McKinnon Seen Dining Together in NYC: ‘Lots of Laughter’

SNL‘s Hillary Clinton Goes Full Love Actually on an Elector

Kellyanne Conway Jokes That Kate McKinnon’s ‘Future Runs Through Me, Not Hillary Clinton!’

SNL’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg Reveals Her Plans to Stay Alive Under President Trump

Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton Sings ‘Hallelujah’ in SNL Cold Open

SNL Hilariously Looks Back to a Simpler Time: Last Week’s Trump/Clinton Debate

Kate McKinnon Plays Trump Mgr. Kellyanne Conway Who Can Never, Ever Catch a Break

Hillary Clinton Loved SNL Debate, Thought Alec Baldwin’s Trump Was ‘Perfect’

SNL’s Kate McKinnon Shows What Real Hollywood Sexism is About: Chimps and Brooches

SNL‘s Hillary Clinton Has a Special Message For New York, Bernie Sanders and Susan Sarandon

Watch This Unaired SNL Skit That Shows the GOP Establishment Rapping About Trump

There’s No SNL This Weekend; We Imagined Their Benghazi-Inspired Cold Open Anyway

Geraldo: ‘Kate McKinnon Singlehandedly Can Destroy Hillary Clinton’

If SNL’s Hillary Clinton Gets in the Race, Watch Out

SNL’s Kate McKinnon ‘Obviously’ Rooting for Hillary Clinton

SNL Cold Open Savages the ‘Sucky’ Obamacare Website Rollout

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