Stacey Abrams Denies Double Standard on Joe Biden, Brett Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Claims


Former Georgia state representative Stacey Abrams doubled down on Tuesday night when she reaffirmed her support for Joe Biden despite the sexual assault allegations that have been brought against him.

Abrams, who is considered a possible running mate for Biden, gave an interview to CNN’s Don Lemon, and she was asked for her thoughts on the credibility of Tara Reade’s accusations. Reade used to be a senatorial claim for Biden back in the 90s, and even though she is among those who previously spoke out against Biden’s questionable past conduct with women, she recently took her claims up a notch by alleging that he violated her in 1993.

Abrams’ response:

“I believe that women deserve to be heard and I believe that they need to be listened to. But I also believe that those allegations have to be investigated by credible sources. The New York Times did a deep investigation. And they found that the accusation was not credible. I believe Joe Biden. I believe that he is a person who has demonstrated his love of family, of our community, has been made perfectly clear through his work as a congressional leader and as an American leader. I know Joe Biden and I think he’s telling the truth and this did not happen.”

Abrams’ comments are a reiteration of the position she took when she told Huffington Post this week that she believes Reade’s accusations have been investigated by news organizations and were found inconclusive. While Biden continues to pick up endorsements from prominent Democrats, Reade’s claims continue to shadow him due to new developments that have added context to the alleged assault incident.

The CNN interview continued with Lemon noting that Abrams called it “shameful” back in 2018 when Brett Kavanaugh was able to continue with his nomination to the Supreme Court despite sexual assault allegations from Christine Blasey Ford. To this point, Lemon asked Abrams “are you applying a different standard now?”

“Not at all. I believe then and I believe now women deserve to be heard because too often they are not, and Tara Reade deserved to have her story listened to and investigated,” Abrams said. “What was happening to Christine Blasey Ford was there was no investigation. There was a rush to move it forward so no investigation was conducted. I believe those allegations needed to be investigated and I believe the New York Times and subsequent reports support what the Biden campaign said. I believe Joe Biden.”

“Does Joe Biden personally need to address this more directly and publicly?” Lemon asked.

“I believe his campaign has been very clear,” said Abrams. “We don’t want women to be afraid to come forward. We have to recognize that allegations should be investigated and that those investigations need to be born out.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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