State Dept Spox Rebuts Trump: ‘Nobody Takes Issue’ With Notion of Russian Election Interference

Donald Trump disparaged the Russia election interference “hoax” again today, though it would seem that the president and Heather Nauert are on two different wavelengths on this issue.

The State Department spokeswoman gave an interview today on CNN, and Alisyn Camerota brought up Facebook’s announcement to give Congressional investigators all the information they have about Russian troll farms. Nauert said the State Department will call out Russia for its actions, though Camerota pressed her about whether the department agrees with the president that the Russian pro-Trump 2016 online operation was all a hoax.

“It’s clear Russia meddled in the campaign and election,” Nauert said. “Nobody takes issue with that whatsoever…”

“The president does,” Camerota duly noted.

Nauert went on to insist that Trump “has been clear” about Russian meddling in the past, and she also said “I’m not certain which specific tweet you are talking about.” Camerota continued to drill about why Russian interference is a “hoax” to Trump, and what steps the government is taking to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Nauert was also on to talk about how Trump and Kim Jong Un are ratcheting up their rhetoric against each other. Nauert defended Trump’s bold speech before the United Nations by saying it was necessary to emphasize the “displeasure” North Korea faces from America and the rest of the world.

Watch above, via CNN.

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