Stephen Colbert: Herman Cain Is ‘Running For President Of Flavor Country’

On Tuesday night’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert lauded Herman Cain‘s quirky new ad starring his chief-of-staff blowing cigarette smoke into the camera. Colbert lit up his own cigs and chided critics that said the former Godfather Pizza CEO was shooting himself in the foot with the video. “He’s not shooting himself in the foot. he’s shooting himself in the lungs! This is sending the strong message that Herman Cain doesn’t just want to be president of the United States. He wants to be the president of flavor country!”

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Colbert noted that Fox News host and “Alfred Hitchcock love interest” Megyn Kelly proved she gets it when she talked to the guy in the ad. “Were you trying to appeal to folks who are out there living real lives– working the farm, working in Detroit, that kind of thing– as opposed to the East and West coast elite, people in media circles who shun smoking and sort of real American things?” Kelly asked. Colbert answered in the affirmative. “There’s nothing more ‘real American’ than smoking cigarettes, the carcinogen of real Americans like John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart, and the Marlboro Man.”

Colbert then unveiled his own political ads for Herman Cain with supporters choking down Jack Daniels and huffing spray paint.

Watch Colbert’s segment below via Comedy Central:

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