comScore Colbert Uses Twitter to Book NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

Colbert Uses Twitter to Book NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

If Stephen Colbert wanted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to come on his show this week, apparently all he had to do was ask. Colbert, who is back tonight after a two-week vacation, took to Twitter Monday afternoon, “demanding” that de Blasio be his guest:

He was seemingly surprised when de Blasio quickly accepted the offer:

To regain the upper hand, he sent this message moments later:

…to which de Blasio replied:

…prompting a totally sincere apology from Colbert:

As of about 3:30 p.m. ET, Colbert’s website listed no guest for Wednesday night and shortly after the Twitter conversation ended, Comedy Central sent out a press release announcing the booking. So, it’s entirely possible that this whole thing was a publicity stunt to drum up interest for an already-scheduled appearance by the mayor. If so, it worked.

Before the two men meet face to face, here’s a look at what Colbert had to say about the “gag reflex” Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen said New Yorkers would have to suppress to accept the mayor’s interracial family:

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