Stephen Colbert Talks Trump’s Budget the Best Way He Can: As Comedy Central’s Old ‘Colbert’


On tonight’s Late ShowStephen Colbert resurrected his Colbert Report character.

Why? Well, normal, left-leaning Colbert just couldn’t stomach the topic of Donald Trump‘s new budget proposal, which slashes funding for Meals on Wheels and PBS, among other programs that target kids and the elderly. He needed a “heartless monster.” What he got was a “fiscal conservative.” What viewers got, though, was even better: a comforting blast from the past.

After current-day CBS Colbert chatted with the old Comedy Central character, the older version took over the host’s desk (to nostalgic chants of “Stephen! Stephen!”) and brought back a favorite segment from the old show: the Word. This time, he called it the Werd*, sure, but the idea was the same. While Colbert talked about the budget, satirically pretending to love it, jokes flashed on-screen and underscored how ridiculous he really found the whole thing.

At the end of the segment — during which he even flipped his pen around like old times — he expressed that it would be a real shame if viewers headed to, got the numbers for their local representatives, and called them to demand they put a stop to this budget proposal. (It would also be a shame if they knew about 5Calls or Resistbot, right?)

Watch above and take a few minutes to close your eyes and pretend it’s 2014 again.

*He had to make a similar change to the character the last time he resurrected it. You know, for legal reasons.

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