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Colbert Rips Trump ‘Hissy Fits’ at Press Briefings: ‘Who Gives a Sh*t… Grow Up and Do Your Damn Job’

Stephen Colbert tore into Donald Trump’s “hissy fits” while reacting to the president’s conduct in the White House’s coronavirus task force press briefings.

As The Late Show host put on a show from his house, he used his monologue to note how Trump sighed in exasperation when Fox News’ Kristin Fisher asked him about testing concerns in a report from the HHS Office of the Inspector General.

“He reacts like a teenage girl. ‘Ugh here we go again,'” Colbert reacted in mockery. As he continued to ridicule Trump for deflecting responsibility over the national situation, Colbert eventually honed in Trump’s tirade against ABC’s Jon Karl, who also asked about the IG report.

“Look, for the record, this inspector general started under Bill Clinton, served for 8 years under George W. Bush, 8 years for Obama, and you know what? Who gives a sh*t?” Colbert exclaimed. “Trump doesn’t understand that no one cares about these hissy fits anymore. All of this drama no longer plays to the cameras, sir! Not even to your own supporters, because it doesn’t matter who you voted for. Everyone just wants to know the truth because that’s how you stay alive. So grow up and do your damn job! We have to, you should too.”

Watch above, via CBS.

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