Steve Bannon to Trump Voters: You May Have to Vote For ‘RINOs’ in Midterms To Prevent Impeachment


On Friday night, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon appeared on Hannity to warn Trump voters about the possibility of Democrats taking back Congress in the 2018 midterms.

Bannon began by calling the upcoming midterms President Donald Trump‘s “first reelect” and it’s a “referendum” on the Trump presidency since the opposition is “very focused” to win back the House in hopes of impeachment.

He referred to the “Tea Party sweep” in 2010 as the winning strategy for Republicans to hold onto Congress, which includes “going door-to-door, ring doorbells, do voter registration drives, and get people out.”

“Everybody that turned out in 2016 have to do it all over again,” Bannon told Sean Hannity. “Or the first action they’re going to take under Nancy Pelosi or whoever the Democratic Speaker is is trying to impeach President Trump.”

Bannon explained how the opposition is “very different” now than they were in 2016 since Hillary Clinton‘s “arrogance” and “cockiness” allowed Trump to succeed and that the Resistance and the #TimesUp movements are now the biggest threats.

Hannity then expressed the concerns that some people have that their congressmen and senators are “RINOs” who don’t fully support Trump’s agenda.

“This is a national referendum. Whether it’s a RINO, whether it’s an establishment figure, whether it’s either a congressman or a senator that you don’t fully support, that is not the question now,” Bannon pleaded to Trump voters. “The question is about President Trump and his agenda. And you’re gonna have to sometimes vote for people that you’re not totally comfortable with, okay? That means some establishment figures, some RINOs. It doesn’t matter.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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