Steve Doocy Tries to Interview New Yorkers and Fails Beautifully


Steve Doocy had a bit of a tough break on Monday since he had a really hard time finding anyone who would speak with him for a man-on-the-street segment on Fox & Friends.

The Fox host used his “Dooce on the Loose!” segment to try and see how New Yorkers feel about a proposed law that would fine people for texting and using smartphone devices while crossing the street. Unfortunately, Doocy struggled to find people interested in talking to him, though he shrugged this off as the typical hustle and bustle of New York City.

Although Doocy managed to find one person who answered all of his questions on her way to work, the 3 minute bit mostly comprised of him being blown off. Doocy’s colleagues tried to save him when the segment turned back to the Fox News studio, remarking on how people are addicted to their phones and rushing to get to work on time.

“Steve wants to come back in, you can tell,” Brian Kilmeade said to general laughter. “So hard as a reporter when no one wants to talk to you,” Ainsley Earhardt agreed, “and it happens to be live on TV.

“Happens to a lot of us in life,” Kilmeade responded.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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