Symone Sanders and Paris Dennard Bitterly Argue Over Whether President Trump is Racist


During a CNN panel discussion tonight, CNN political commentators Paris Dennard and Symone Sanders absolutely went at it over President Donald Trump’s “both sides” comments on the Charlottesville violence. And during their heated exchange, they fought it out over whether or not the president is a racist.

After Dennard and reporter Sara Sidner tussled over how white supremacists were reading POTUS’s comments — Sidner stated they felt emboldened, Dennard denied that — he then moved on to tangling with the Sanders, a former Bernie Sanders staffer.

Following a little kerfuffle over the Merck CEO leaving the president’s advisory council and getting attacked by the president for it — Dennard felt everyone made too big a deal about him being an African-American — Dennard then decided to press Sanders on Trump’s status as a racist.

“Do you think he’s a racist?” Dennard demanded, having already tossed that question at Sanders numerous times.

“I don’t know what’s in his heart,” Sanders answered while also noting that he is a “white supremacist sympathizer.”

The Trump supporting pundit brought up Sanders’ comments in a green room discussion from earlier when she apparently said she didn’t think Trump was a racist and that she told him he could quote her on camera.

The two began to shout over each other with Sanders exclaiming that Trump does “traffic in bigotry and racism.”

In the wake of Charlottesville, Dennard has been more visible on CNN.Prior to tonight, he got into an argument over his “blackness” with Keith Boykin and battled with Cornel West over his constant defense of the president.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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