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Tapper Calls Out Fox News Hypocrisy on Weinstein Coverage: Harassment ‘Part of the Culture’

Former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson — who left the network after her allegations of sexual harassment against Roger Ailes — appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper to discuss the “hypocrisy” of networks covering the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

While Carlson could not name Fox News specifically while on-air, Tapper showed a montage of hosts from the network slamming Hollywood and the mainstream media over the Weinstein allegations — yet, the media outlet itself has been wrapped up in a massive sexual harassment scandal dating all the way back to 2004.

“There is a lot of righteousness on display on television right now, and some of it, I have to say sitting from where I sit, is coming from people who work at places — plural — where sexual harassment and worse is part of the culture,” said Tapper to Carlson — clearly referencing the Fox News Channel without actually naming it.

He continued, “You’re a smart person, you’ve been in this business a long time, you’ve covered a lot of different industries. How does that make you feel when you see people talking about this sort of thing and excusing it where they live?”

Carlson responded by to the coverage from these “places” by calling it “total hypocrisy.” Without mentioning the network in particular, the former TV reporter expressed shock that Fox News hosts wouldn’t mention the allegations against their own network while covering Weinstein’s — which she said were dominating the news cycle “just 15 months before.”

Carlson, who recently published a book on sexual misconduct, has been credited by some of the alleged Weinstein victims for being the reason they came forward with their accusations — as she was one of the first women at Fox News to accuse then-CEO Ailes of sexual harassment.

During an interview with USA Today, Carlson explained that the silver lining in the Weinstein scandal is a cultural “tipping point” in the way sexual harassment is handled and publicly responded to. “What we’re seeing happening now with the Harvey Weinstein revelations, to me this is the watershed moment. This is the tipping point I’ve been working so hard for over the last 15 months. People are finally saying ‘enough,'” she told the paper.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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