The Internet Hangs Its Head in Shame at MSNBC’s Hardball Featuring Omarosa and Scaramucci


MSNBC announced that Anthony Scaramucci and Omarosa Manigault-Newman will be the headliners for an upcoming installment of Hardball, and the universe has responded with a collective sense of dread.

Chris Matthews’ social media team announced on Twitter that the former communications directors for the White House and the Office of Public Liaison will both be joining him on Friday. The discussion will presumably revolve around how Omarosa and The Mooch shared the experience of supporting President Donald Trump before eventually turning against him.

A common argument among Manigault’s and Scaramucci’s critics is that both individuals are publicity-seekers who’ve looked for ways to stay in the limelight ever since their departures from the Trump Administration. Political observers also frequently question whether either of them ever provides real insight into the issues of the day, and so, there’s a lot of people asking why MSNBC thinks having them on together has journalistic merit:

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