The View Clashes With Geraldo Rivera on Trump, Bomb Scares: ‘You’re Being Intellectually Dishonest’


The View has a spirited exchange with Geraldo Rivera on Thursday about President Donald Trump‘s most recent incendiary conduct.

The conversation started with Rivera expressing disapproval over Trump’s midterm fear-mongering rhetoric related to the migrant caravan in Central America. After a skirmish on Trump’s 14th Amendment comments and the GOP’s characterizations of the migrants as “invaders,” the discussion moved towards the recent mail bombing campaign one of Trump’s supporters tried to launch against his critics.

Even though Rivera has a daughter who works for CNN, Joy Behar made a note of how he briefly signed on to the conspiracy theories last week which claimed the botched mail bombings were a false-flag operation to draw sympathy for Democrats. Rivera has corrected himself since then, but Behar questioned why he endorsed the idea at all.

“That was total BS and you know it,” she said.

Rivera explained himself — apologizing to CNN for he his commentary. He offered some self-depreciating humor when he proclaimed “this was worse than Al Capone’s vault by far.”

Nonetheless, he faced more questions about whether Trump has some responsibility for the bomber’s actions — given that the suspect was clearly enamored with his rhetoric.

When Rivera started arguing that Barack Obama was never blamed for mass casualty events like the Pulse Nightclub Shooting or the Sandy Hook Massacre, Sunny Hostin shot back with “you’re being intellectually dishonest there.”

“Crazy people can do crazy things,” Rivera said.

“Obama never said the things that Trump says, not even once,” Behar retorted.

Watch above, via ABC.

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