The View‘s Sunny Hostin Eviscerates WH Leaker for Releasing Trump’s ‘Executive Time’ Schedule: ‘Despicable’


The View had plenty to chat about on Tuesday, thanks to the news that President Donald Trump devotes about 60 percent of his schedule these days to “executive time.”

Sunny Hostin agreed that the news says a lot about Trump’s work ethic and productivity. But mostly, she believes the leak is troubling because of the national security implications.

“You don’t release the schedule of the President of the United States,” Hostin said. “I think that’s pretty despicable. It shows that perhaps the people that work for him don’t like him very much, but you just don’t do this.”

Joy Behar argued that the leak happened because Trump’s staff is “scared” of his instability, but Abby Huntsman came to Hostin’s defense by saying those staffers should just quit if they disagree with the president this strongly. Huntsman also noted that the White House has a problem with leaks in general, plus there’s no telling what Trump’s really doing in his “executive time” since the term is still loosely defined.

Meghan McCain noted that Trump’s pattern of behavior does suggest that “executive time” refers to the president’s consumption of media content for hours at a time. She agreed it’s an “excessive” amount of time for a president’s schedule to remain blank, though Behar took solace in that idea, saying that’s less time for Trump to spend on running the country.

Watch above, via ABC.

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