‘They’re Coming for the Statue of Liberty!’ Fox’s Kilmeade Clashes With Doocy Over Push to Remove Statues


Fox News hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade had an animated debate on Wednesday about the latter’s objection to protests against controversial public statues around the country.

A day after Kilmeade furiously condemned protesters who tried to pull down a statue of Andrew Jackson, he invoked recent demonstrations against Abraham Lincoln’s emancipation memorial in Washington D.C. The statue portrays Lincoln holding the Emancipation Proclamation next to an African American slave kneeling beside him.

Doocy noted that demonstrators have complained about the symbolism of the statue, since it does not depict Lincoln and the slave as equals. As he explained, Kilmeade groaned and sarcastically interjected: “Let’s spray paint it and rip it down.”

Doocy noted that officials are holding legislative debates on what to do with the memorial, and he said “that’s the way you do it” instead of tearing statues down. The host mentioned news that a similarly controversial Theodore Roosevelt statue will be removed from the front of the Museum of Natural History in New York, which made Kilmeade swear “political correctness” to himself.

“He was president!” Kilmeade exclaimed. “I mean, my goodness. Everyone is just caving!”

“You know how sculpture works!” Doocy shot back, noting that the statue of Roosevelt showed the president towering over a Black man and Native American man.

“We have to decide that we know more than these experts that lived in their [time]. Now we have to judge and demolish history and make everything look like modern art!” Kilmeade said.

Doocy objected, once again noting that the historical figures are not being objected to so much as the symbolism of “those particular statues.”

“There’s a problem with every statue!” Kilmeade protested, continuing:

There’s a problem with Grant! There’s a problem with Lincoln! There’s a problem with Washington! There’s a problem with Jackson! What don’t they have a problem with!? They’re coming for the Statue of Liberty, mark my words! The dress is too long!

It all continued from there.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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