‘This Country Could be Careening Towards a Constitutional Crisis’: Sen. Markey Demands Special Investigation


Senator Ed Markey stopped by CNN to deliver a few alarming comments on Wednesday, before heading to the Senate floor for a special conference on the firing of FBI director James Comey.

“This country could be careening towards a Constitutional crisis,” Markey said. “The President of the United States yesterday just fired the investigator who was leading an investigation into the relationship between the Trump campaign, the Trump transition team, and the Russian government.”

Markey’s comments echo those of his colleague Senator Richard Blumenthal, who also warned of a “looming constitutional crisis” on CNN’s Situation Room Tuesday night.

Markey, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, added that the Senate Democrats will continue to demand a special prosecutor be named to focus on the Russia probe.

“A constitutional crisis, that is explosive language,” Poppy Harlow noted. “What specifically are you pointing to Senator?”

Markey went on to recount the allegations that the Russians attempted to influence the 2016 election as well as ties between the country and people inside the Trump campaign.

“Are you suggesting that the president is in violation of the Constitution?” John Berman asked.

Markey responded that “the Constitution of the United States provides for an election of a president that is not influenced by foreign countries.”

“There is an open investigation by James Comey, until yesterday, with regards to whether or not the Russians were influencing that election,” he added.

Markey wrapped up by noting that the administration’s reasoning that Comey was fired because of his unfair treatment of Hillary Clinton is “just not credible.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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