‘Talking Is Hard’: Maddow Hillariously Rips Spicer Over Unfortunate Holocaust Remarks


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow used her Tuesday night show to tear into Sean Spicer over the unfortunate remarks he made about the Holocaust during yesterday’s White House press briefing.

Maddow began by noting that not only did Spicer seem to favorably compare Adolf Hitler‘s use of chemical warfare to Bashar al-Assad, but Spicer also couldn’t get the Syrian president’s name right after multiple tries. Maddow also talked about how the press secretary seemed to dig the hole deeper when Spicer tried three times to offer follow-up statements and explain what he meant.

“Everybody gets tripped up sometimes,” said Maddow. “But this is the person whose job it is to speak for the White House, and he can’t even do it in print, let alone out loud.”

Maddow looked at the three different explanations Spicer offered to the media in a span of 20 minutes, where he attempted to insist that he wasn’t trying to minimize the horrors of World War II. This culminated with Spicer apologizing on CNN, though he created another mini-fiasco during the interview when he mistakenly said that President Trump wanted to “destabilize” the Middle East.

Spicer’s remarks became an instant moment of controversy yesterday, and Maddow was bemused by the entire kerfuffle:

Talking is hard. Some people are better at talking than others. I talk for a living on TV, for example. I’m not great at it. I know for sure that I could not last five minutes as a spokesperson for the White House. Never. Couldn’t do it. Most people couldn’t do that, but some people can. Why is he doing it? just a transfixing series of blunders today from the white house on an incredibly serious subject.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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