Trevor Noah: North Korea is ‘Screwing’ Trump So Hard, ‘It’s Gonna Cost Them $130,000’


On Wednesday night, Trevor Noah addressed the North Korea’s threat of pulling out of its summit with the U.S. next month.

Noah began by mocking President Trump for his “fake humility” over speculation that he’d be the next recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

“Have you ever seen Donald Trump this genuinely happy before?” Noah asked. “He looks happier than Ben Carson at a mattress store.”

The Daily Show host then called it a “drag” for the president that North Korea may pull out of peace talks over the military drills that were conducted in South Korea, which he thought was a “valid” reason.

“This was the one thing that he was going to do right,” Noah said. “Now they’re screwing him so hard, it’s gonna cost them $130,000.”

Noah also mocked National Security Advisor John Bolton for being singled out by North Korea over remarks he said in a recent interview where he compared U.S.’s handling of their country to Libya during the Bush administration, which Libyan Dictator Muammar Gaddafi gave up developing weapons, but was overthrown and killed eight years later.

“What kind of moron uses what the U.S. did in Libya as a sales pitch to another dictator?!?” Noah reacted. “This is so dumb. Like that’s not a sales pitch! This would be like Richard Branson saying, ‘Buy a ticket on my space flight, I will give you the full Challenger experience!'”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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