Trevor Noah Reacts to Justice Kennedy’s Retirement: ‘In Some Ways, It Feels Like All Hope is Dead’


On Wednesday night, Trevor Noah weighed in on the newly-announced retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Noah began by stressing that Kennedy was “without question the most powerful justice on the court” because despite his conservative leaning, he periodically voted with liberals, noting that he was the deciding vote on issues like gay rights and abortion. But now President Donald Trump will likely nominate a judge who would “discriminate, dismantle abortion rights, and LGBTQ rights.”

“And that sound you’re hearing right now? That’s Mike Pence having his first orgasm,” Noah told his audience.

The Daily Show host noted that this was Trump’s second Supreme Court pick because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) “stole” President Obama’s Supreme Court pick, but complimented the senator for being “super slick” comparing it to Mission: Impossible.

“And that’s the thing we sometimes forget about the Republican Party. Although Donald Trump may be a klutz and he’s the Pinky in every situation, Mitch McConnell is the Brain,” Noah continued. “And I know it’s sad to think about and I know this news is very painful for a lot of people. It feels like for the next 30 years, America is gonna change in a horrible direction. And in some ways, it feels like all hope is dead and nothing could bring it back, but my friend Poncho over here is still gonna try.”

Poncho was in reference to the dog that went viral for performing CPR on a Spanish police officer who was playing dead.

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central (start around the 4:00 mark).

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