Trump Accuses Democrats of Using Coronavirus to Shutter Churches: They Want to Put Them ‘Out of Business’


President Donald Trump accused Democrats of using the coronavirus as an excuse to shutter churches and said he was looking at ways to reverse the closures by deeming them “essential” business.

“I think, and I’m recommending it, you open the churches,” the president said in an interview with EWTN this week, though he said it was “up to the governors.”

“They’ll spread, they’ll be socially spread, they’ll have masks and they’ll do what they have to do, you know, the hygiene and everything else that we know,” he added. “We want to open our churches. We want to open our schools. And everybody wants to be safe. They know what to do. They’ll stay away. And, you know, we’ll be the same way. Maybe you’ll have an extra service or two or three.”

Some states — most notably California — have continued to limit religious gatherings in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. More than 5,000 people showed up on a beach in San Diego recently to hold a worship service in protest.

Trump said Democrats were using the virus to keep restriction in place on religious gatherings even as they allowed protests related to police brutality to continue.

“The Democrats want to put them out of business. They want to put the churches out of business. And it’s very unfair. So they don’t complain about the protests, which are horrible in many cases. You look at Portland, it’s a disaster, but they don’t want the churches open, they don’t want the schools open, they don’t want offices open. So it’s a very, very unfair situation to a lot of people.”

Watch above via EWTN.

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