Trump Campaign Adviser Clashes With CNN Analyst: ‘You Call Yourself an Economist?!’


Economics columnist Catherine Rampell and former Trump economic adviser Stephen Moore fought it out on Tuesday during a discussion on CNN about whether the president can really take credit for the current state of the economy.

Rampell started things off by arguing that between rising job growth and falling unemployment rates under Barack Obama, Trump more than likely inherited an economy on the upswing from his predecessor. As Alisyn Camerota brought up the relevant data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to get a response from Moore, he pushed back by critiquing the recovery from the Great Recession, saying the economy wasn’t doing as well as Rampell claimed.

As Moore touted Trump’s economic growth while claiming that most economists thought Obama’s policies could’ve created another recession, Rampell locked horns with him, saying “none of this is correct.”

“First of all, we had one quarter of 4% growth, we had four quarters above 4% growth under Obama,” Rampell said.

“That was in eight years,” Moore shot back.

“One quarter does not make a trend,” she retorted. “You call yourself an economist, you know that.”

The conversation continued to escalate from there with Rampell saying that the current state of the economy is a temporary “sugar high” from tax cuts and increased spending that will eventually result in increased national debt. This led to more sparring as Moore was asked to explain how he arrived at his figures for sustained economic growth going forward.

Watch above, via CNN.

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