Trump Claims Democrats Required Picture ID to Attend Virtual Convention in Latest Diatribe Against Voting Access


President Donald Trump railed against voting in a Thursday night tweet, and again in a speech in Arlington, VA on Friday and claimed that Democrats required picture I.D. to attend the virtual convention this week — seemingly referencing a comment Fox News anchor Sean Hannity made while interviewing the president last night.

Trump took to Twitter right before the major speeches of DNC night four to fault the Democrats for requiring people to “have an ID with a picture” to attend, which they didn’t, considering the convention was virtual. “Yet the Democrats refuse to do this when it come [sic] to your very important VOTE!” Trump added. “Gee, I wonder WHY???”

Trump doubled down on his claims during a speech on Friday, during which he went after the Democratic party and said they were trying to make permanent changes to the U.S. political system. The president also said he wished he had abolished the filibuster when he had the chance, so he could have beaten the Democrats to it.

“They want to grant mass amnesty for millions of people, and citizenship, they want to give to many million illegal aliens, probably about 11 million at least. They want to abolish voter I.D. They want to abolish voter I.D. To get into the DNC convention last night, you needed an I.D. With your picture on it,” he said.

“Now, what does that tell you about — to get in last night, a friend of mine was saying. A friend of mine who happened to be there. I said, ‘Why were you there?’ A very political person. He shows me, he said, ‘Here’s my I.D., it’s got my picture.’ It’s the most incredible — It’s a disgrace. There’s only one reason they don’t want voter I.D., and that’s because they want to cheat.”

The president’s claims follow a comment Hannity made while on a phone interview with the president. The Fox News host recalled having to show identification when he attended the DNC in past years — when they were not virtual.

Hannity and Trump discussed mail-in voting and called it a horrible and disgraceful process — highlighting the lack of I.D. verification when someone is not voting in person.

“Dr. Fauci said it would be safe with social distancing and masks for people to vote in person. This is the DNC Convention week. I have been on Fox now 25 years, I always go to the DNC and RNC conventions,” Hannity added. “If I was at the DNC convention every year including your last election, I had to have a picture I.D. to get in the building. And I was checked every night, I was probably double checked, but I’m kidding.”

Hannity was discussing his experience going to the in-person DNC Conventions in past years as a remember of the press, and was not referring to this year’s virtual convention.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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