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Trump Coronavirus Chief Fauci Says We’re Still a Week Away From Wide-Scale, Accelerated Testing

Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed that the United States is still about a week away from accelerated testing for those concerned that they may be affected by the novel coronavirus.

During a Friday morning appearance on Morning Joe, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was asked by co-host Willie Geist about the current state of testing for COVID-19.

“The president said yesterday that there were 1 million Coronavirus tests out there with 4 million, he said, coming in the next few days,” Geist opened, before asking “Is that an accurate number?”

“The number of what’s out there is accurate,” Fauci replied. “The difficulty was the connection between the people and the process and connecting them with actually implementing the tests. It was the reason why people, as you know, are calling in, saying I tried to get a test and couldn’t get it.”

“Hopefully, that’s behind us. Looking forward, as I mentioned a moment ago, we should start seeing an escalation of the capability of getting tested.”

Geist followed by noting a “disconnect” a lot of people are seeing when they hear that “there are a million tests out there and, yet, for most people, New York City, any other city they want, if they go in and say, I need to be tested for Coronavirus, they’re told, we just don’t have them. You have to go home, isolate yourself, take an ibuprofen and drink fluids.”

“Where is the disconnect, and why isn’t it connected?” Geist asked.

“It is connected now,” Fauci replied. “There was a disconnect before, for sure. We have to admit that and it is unfortunate. It is the right direction now. There was a disconnect, where people hear a test can be available to anybody, and they go to the doctor’s office and didn’t get it. That’s unfortunate.”

“Where we’re looking now is forward. Hopefully in the next few days to a week or so, it is going to be a major escalation.”

Watch above in via MSNBC.

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