Trump Harassment Accuser Bashes Him Over Defense of Rob Porter: ‘Disgusting’

Former Miss USA contestant Samantha Holvey gave an interview to CNN on Monday, and she empathized with Rob Porter‘s ex-wives after President Trump diminished their claims of being abused by the former White House aide.

Holvey is one of Trump’s most outspoken accusers of sexual misconduct, and as Brooke Baldwin began the interview, the CNN host characterized the president’s comments as “giving the #MeToo movement the middle finger.” Holvey responded that it was “disgusting” and “very sad” of Trump to defend Porter, though it isn’t surprising since it fits with his character and his history.

Holvey was also asked for her thoughts about Porter’s ex-wife Jennie Willoughby, who recently wrote an op-ed where she struck back at the White House for implicitly calling her a liar. The former Miss North Carolina expressed sympathy for Willoughby and talked about how she knows what its like to be called a liar by the president.

“It baffles the mind when he’s calling you a liar for confirming what he said. I mean, really, just wrapping your mind around that – it’s just incredible, the times that we live in.”

Eventually, Baldwin showed Holvey a collection of videos where Trump defended Porter, Roy Moore, Roger Ailes, and other people on his side while they were facing major scrutiny over alleged bad behavior. Holvey’s reaction: “I think it has everything to do with him, with all of his actions throughout his entire life towards women. If he admits these men are guilty, then that’s like admitting that he’s guilty, and he’s never gonna do that.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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