Trump Rally Crowd Offers Some Polite Clapping for Trump’s Appeal Against Censoring the Press


At President Donald Trump‘s rally in West Virginia on Tuesday night, he spoke out against censorship, saying he’d even be willing to tolerate “fake news” if it meant no one would be singled out and censored. The crowd of Trump fans were mostly pretty okay with that they guess.

“We’re also standing up to social media censorship, that’s the new thing. That’s the new thing,” he began. “You know, I’d rather have fake news like CNN. I would rather have fake news–”

At this point the crowd was passionately booing the “fake news”, specifically CNN, who are the “enemy of the people” according to Trump.

“It’s true–,” he said over the loud booing, “then have anybody, including liberal socialists, anything, then have anybody stopped and censored. You’ve got to live, we have to live with it. We gotta get used to, we’ve got to live with fake news.”

The crowd was essentially quiet at that point, perhaps preparing their enthusiasm.

“Everyone of us is sort of like a newspaper. You have Twitter, you have whatever you have, you have Facebook. But everyone, you can’t have censorship,” he tried to explain. “You can’t pick one person and say ‘well we don’t like what he’s been saying, he’s out.’ So we’ll live with fake news, I mean I hate to say it.”

The crowd then began to have some not-booing sound.

“We have no choice because that’s by far the better alternative. You can’t have people saying censorship,” he said. “Because you know what it can turn around, it could be them next. It could be them next.”

“We could be the right of Americans to speak their minds,” he concluded to some very nice polite clapping from the audience, which seemed to be generally amenable to not doing censorship.

Also, here is the crowd reacting to Trump reminiscing about how his mother cooked turkey.

And here they are applauding for “Space Force.” (Volume warning)

So that is how that went.

Watch the clips above, courtesy of Fox News.
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