comScore Trump Says He Apologized Over ‘Pocahontas’ Slur… to Pocahontas

Trump Says He Apologized Over ‘Pocahontas’ Slur… to Pocahontas

On Saturday, President Donald Trump gave a free-wheeling rally style speech in front of the Nevada Republican Party convention in which talk turned to nicknames and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who he has repeated dubbed “Pocahontas.”

It all started when he was playing with the crowd telling them that he has a nickname for Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV)’s challenger, Jacky Rosen.

After teasing the crowd and suggesting he shouldn’t say the name, he then, predictably blurted it out: “Wacky Jacky.”

The President of the United States then said he thought  “somebody said she’s in Nevada right now campaigning with Pocahontas. She’s campaigning with Elizabeth Warren sometimes referred to as Pocahontas.”

Trump then said this about the call for him to apologize to Warren for calling her Pocahontas: “They wanted me to apologize. No. I did, though, I did apologize to Pocahontas––to the memory of Pocahontas I apologized. No, Wacky Jackie is campaigning with Pocahontas, you believe this in your state and they don’t know how to say Nevada. They don’t know how to say it.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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